i) Evidence of Action

Write down five examples of concepts depicted in advertisements:





Idyllic family life

Produce one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened.

f/4.0, 1/60th sec., iso 400 wireless controlled remote flash to the right of the camera.

This is an illustration that may be used as an metaphor for the fragility of the human condition . It might be used in an advert promoting a ‘what if’ scenario to sell insurance for instance.


About morisphotoblog

I am studying photography with the Open College of the Arts. I am using this blog to record my progress through projects and assignments of the course. I retired from working as a general medical practitioner and medical academic in 2007. As well as a medical degree I gained a Masters Degree in Health Care Education in 1991 at Exeter University. The studying I did for these is a long time ago now and in a Scientific discipline. I am looking forward, with some trepidation, to studying in an Arts environment. I have been married to Vivien for 38 years and we have 7 grown up children and 3 grandchildren. My hobbies are: golf, sailing and photography. I enjoy travelling and usually take my camera. Previous experience in photography I had been taking photographs for most of my life with more enthusiasm than skill until the digital photography revolution in the late 1990s. The nature of digital photography allowed me to take lots of images and learn from the immediate feedback that the technology makes possible. I joined the Royal Photographic society in 2004 and gained LRPS in 2006. I have since sold a number of photographs and have displayed in RPS exhibitions. I am computer literate and have a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS. Expectations I am largely self taught. My approach to things such as composition and colour relationships is intuitive and sometimes leads me to produce disappointing results. I also tend to take photographs on an opportunistic basis resulting in lack of thought about what I am doing. I find myself reticent about photographing people. I would like to understand how a professional approaches photography. I would like to improve my understanding of composition and colour. I hope that the course will encourage me to get out there and take photographs of subjects that I would not normally tackle.
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